Verutum Rx you know like Steve job computer lube on every night Verutum Rx because there's this stigma that if you use lube it's because she's dry there's discomfort you didn't turn around it's embarrassing then I'm not talking about KY jelly like I'm saying like go get a good bottle of like system Joe lube or something that's great Verutum Rx you add a few drops you know few drops of research sex on the clitoris right your penis I'm telling you women eighty percent of women to study at Indiana University showed they were more likely to orgasm when you add a little loop those are my toes that sounds like a pretty good tip all right Emily thank you for being on bulletproof radio Verutum Rx sharing some incredibly interesting new technologies around well hacking your ability to have an orgasm people can find out more at sex with Emily com they can subscribe t.


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